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Sample Lessons.

In your first few lessons, I will work with you to create your own individually tailored curriculum. We will assess what you are hoping to gain out of your lessons and figure out the best path forward to achieve these goals.


One student’s curriculum can be as casual as learning song they like on a weekly basis, with comprehensive breakdowns of the technical aspects of each piece, additional listening recommendations, and helpful homework assignments.


Another student’s curriculum could include structured blocks that would cover specific techniques (ranging from how to properly hold a pick to advanced thrash metal tapping) sight reading, chord theory, scales and modes, composition, and improvisation. 

In-Person Lessons or Remote Lessons, Portland, Oregon, Guitar Anatomy, Basic Form, Finger Strength, Coordination, Posture, Standard Tuning, Chords, Scales, Modes, Arpeggios, Strumming, Picking, Slide Guitar, Finger Picking Patterns, Alternate Tunings,  Ear Training, Speed, Muting, Bends, Vibrato, Basic Theory, Sight Reading, Digital/Analogue Recording Basics, Pinch Harmonics, Tapping

Beginner Sample Lesson.

  • Basic guitar anatomy

  • Guitar holding and finger placement 

  • Basic chords

  • Mastery of songs with simple chord progressions and riffs.

  • Simple scales and introduction to improvisation 

  • Theory basics (If applicable to your goals) 

Intermediate Sample Lesson.

  • Stylized techniques such as bending, sliding, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato, intentional muting. 

  • Intricate finger picking patterns and chord arpeggios. 

  • Songs that incorporate one or more of the techniques mentioned above.

  • Introduction to complex scales. Example: Aeolian, Dorian, Harmonic Minor 

  • Introduction to complex chords. Example: Jazz chords like the dominant 11th. 

  • Chord-based riffs

  • Introduction to songwriting 

Advanced Sample Lesson.

  • Songwriting Theory

  • Complex time signatures

  • Speed and precision 

  • Smooth transitioning through complex chords progressions 

  • Techniques such as tapping, sweep arpeggios, pinch harmonics, and orchestral finger picking patterns where bass lines and higher pitched chord voicings are plucked simultaneously. 

  • Songs that incorporate one or more of the techniques mentioned above.

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