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Ever since receiving my first guitar at ten years old, I was absolutely obsessed with creating music. I had the fortune very early on of getting to train with several inspiring, brilliant guitar instructors in my area, including Boston blues scene luminary, Tim Gearan.


At age twelve, Tim ushered me into the club scene, giving me the opportunity to share the stage with members of many prominent Boston bands of the day.​

I have performed and extensively studied numerous other styles of music since then, most notably punk, metal, hardcore, folk, pop, hip-hop, and jazz.


I began teaching guitar lessons while studying music at Emerson College and haven’t looked back since. I knew from my first lesson that I had found my calling. I have now been a full-time guitar instructor for over twenty years. Absolutely nothing brings me more joy than helping a student develop a passion for playing and finding their own unique musical voice.

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